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the project

The idea of importing high quality coffee to Canada came to us while finishing off the last cup of delicious ground coffee we had brought back from a visit to our family in Mexico. Since living in Southern Alberta we have successfully, although at times with great difficulty, separated ourselves from several Mexican food ingredients, traditions, and customs. Coffee never made it onto that list.


We are from the state of Veracruz. Coatepec, the town where we used to live in, has been officially denominated as "Pueblo Mágico" (magical village) not only for its architecture, but for being an important coffee producing region. 

Coatepec is characterized by historic Andalusian-style houses with semicircular arches, wide corridors and gardens in the center. They have spacious kitchens with tiled walls, and give off the blessed smell of freshly brewed coffee that enlivens everything it reaches. The memory of these homes, along with their flourishing farms, evokes a feeling of belonging to the land. These are the memories and feelings that come to us while we savour our morning coffee.

At Real Café Mexicano, our goal is to simplify. We want to offer a high quality product that adapts to your routine and does not necessarily require the purchase of special or expensive devices to make a good cup of coffee. We firmly believe the secret to brewing the perfect cup everytime is, and always will be, in the bean.

What we do is source high-grade, shade-grown, single-origin coffee beans from Mexican farms, develop the best roasting profile that is unique to each bean, and package the goods for online purchase.


Our commitment and respect to all the aspects of the coffee-making equation goes beyond  the selling point. We use earth-friendly packaging:                     by Tricorbraun, which can be used as compost when you finish your delicious coffee!


Everything we do is in the passionate pursuit of exceptional coffee for your home or office. Something efficient and practical without compromising the taste and aroma. Come join the family! You know, as we say, “mi casa, tu casa”.

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